Carpets are available to suit most environments, be they domestic or commercial. They can be fitted as carpet tiles right up to broadloom carpets and are available in a wide range of materials, colours, designs, weaves and piles.

By talking to us, we can match the demands of your environment to give you the textile flooring that is fit for your purpose. Whether is is woven or tufted broadloom, tile or a combination of the two.

For example

Carpet tiles offer the advantage that in high traffic areas they can be easily removed if they become soiled, stained or damaged, then cleaned or replaced with new tiles.

However, in environments where spills are likely, such as assisted living, certain healthcare areas, schools or colleges, a broadloom carpet with a moisture barrier backing and weldable seams has the advantage of keeping spills above the sub-floor where they can be removed before they soak through and cause damage below.


  • Broadloom Broadloom Carpet

    Ideal for creating area carpeting in large rooms, they carry a distinct and obvious advantage, as broadloom carpet can be installed without creating seams. If used as standalone rugs and carpets, they carry a size advantage over machine-woven carpets produced on more narrow looms.

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  • Carpet Tile

    Carpet tiles are the ideal choice for installing around furniture, on raised flooring and within cubicles. Different colours of tile can be mixed to create patterns, borders or marking “way-finding” routes through a large building.

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  • Contract

    In the corporate flooring market, carpet tile is now the flooring of choice for reasons both aesthetic and functional. In prestigious offices the demand is for broadloom carpets, the thicker the better. No one wants seams in those rooms where the look is all about image!

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  • Domestic

    Carpets for your home are available in a wide range of styles, designs, and materials. Special treatments mean they can be stain resistant, moth proof, and even treated to prevent dustmites.

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