Vinyl flooring products are used throughout the industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors.These type of floors are hard wearing and look great.

Resilient Flooring

It is usually stuck to the floor and is easier to maintain.Homogenous vinyl flooring can be polished and machine cleaned as the flooring has a smooth surface.
With a range of colours they are perfect for school floors, hospital floors, public buildings in no wet areas.They can also be laid flat or coved up walls to reduce the penetration of water ingress.

Linoleum (Lino) Flooring

It is a natural hard wearing flooring made from renewable materials. Because it is made of organic materials and is generally non-allergenic in nature, we still use high quality linoleum flooring in many areas (especially in non-allergenic homes, hospitals etc). Linoleum can be made to various patterns and inlaid with colours to form patterns reflecting the shape and form of the room.

Cushion Flooring

It is soft underfoot and generally much cheaper than most other forms of sheet vinyl. It comes in many different designs, and is good for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Non-slip Safety Flooring Birmingham School

    It has a slight rough surface which can hardly be felt. Non-slip safety flooring is recommended for any areas where water is used (i.e: wet rooms) to minimise the risk of slipping and injuries occurring. Safety flooring can be used up walls as well, in areas such as wash rooms, toilets etc.

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  • Smooth Vinyl GTG Training Facility

    This type of flooring is attractive, easy to maintain, and possesses excellent durability. Available in a range of calming, bright or natural palettes, smooth vinyl flooring is frequently chosen for areas demanding high visual impact.

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  • Self-coved skirting GTG Training Facility

    Designed for use in areas where spillage and washing down are likely or required. The flooring can be coved and turned up the wall to form a fully sealed, water-tight finish. Self-coved skirting is Ideal for use in toilets, wet rooms or areas that need frequent cleaning for hygienic reasons.

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